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With a vast array of experiences in the life sciences (basic and biomedical), including employment at Universities, National Laboratories and the National Institutes of Health, I will bring an informed and insightful perspective to almost any single or multi-laboratory research effort.



As a native English speaker with over 150 published articles listed on PubMed, demonstrated success in obtaining external financial support, and participation on numerous grant review panels and editorial boards, I have a proven track-record and background for successful and effective scientific communication.


During my more than 20 years as a team leader, I directly supervised over 40 individuals, including summer students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scientists and professors, and core staff.  My experience working with individuals of different backgrounds and personalities, coupled with numerous mentoring courses, has armed me with the tools to assist young investigators in charting a sensible and flexible career path forward.

IT Consulting

Please contact me for further information on any of the services.

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